Chinese and International Experts Slam GMOs and Glyphosate at Beijing Conference

Posted on Aug 9 2014 - 6:52am by Sustainable Pulse

The China Development Strategy Research Society Committee of Cultural Strategy organized a unique event in Beijing during the last week of July to discuss the global harm caused by GMOs and glyphosate-based herbicides.

The Food Safety & Sustainable Agriculture Forum 2014 held in China’s capital on July 25-26 included genetic researchers, university professors, medical doctors, veterinarians, livestock farmers, arable farmers, agricultural consultants, mothers, NGO founders and leaders and social activists from China, Taiwan, U.S.A, Russia, U.K., France, Denmark, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil and Peru.

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Sustainable Pulse Director, Henry Rowlands, who attended the event stated; “The size of the event and the media interest in China surrounding it shows that the issue of GMOs and glyphosate-based herbicides is now being taken very seriously at all levels of Chinese society.”

“China is the top manufacturer of glyphosate-based herbicides and also the main importer of GM soy in the World, any change in policy by the Chinese government on this issue would have a huge Global impact and we all hope this will happen in the not too distant future.”

The timing of the event also coincided with yet another scandal regarding GMOs in China; CCTV, China’s state broadcaster discovered genetically modified rice being sold in two southern provinces, the second such allegation it has made in two years at a time when Chinese public opinion seems to have hardened against the technology.

The commercial cultivation of GM rice is illegal in China.

The investigative report stated that GM rice was found in the market in southern Hubei and Hunan province, where rice remains the staple food. The allegation by the television network has been substantiated by the Beijing Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau after samples taken from the two provinces tested positive for GM traces.

Meanwhile, earlier this year, the Chinese army ordered all military supply stations to only allow the purchase of non-GMO grain and food oil due to health safety concerns over GMOs.

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  1. Richard Dunwell August 10, 2014 at 11:37 - Reply

    Thanks for your hard work.
    Do you have any more details regarding this meeting, especially with regard to what they said regarding glyphosate? And could you also tell me who attended from New Zealand? Thank you. Private mail would be fine.

  2. Jessica Denning August 11, 2014 at 02:53 - Reply

    Astonishing news on the last week’s Food Safety and Sustainable Agriculture 2014 in Beijing, China, from presenter Zen Honeycutt of Mom’s Across America!

    Food Safety and Sustainable Agriculture Forum Speakers and Organizers
    China buys 50% of the GMOs in the world. They are also the world’s largest producers of glyphosate, which GMOs are engineered to withstand.
    China has been told by chemical companies that “American mothers have been feeding their children GMO food for nearly 20 years with no ill health effects.”
    However, both GMOs and glyphosate have been linked to numerous, horrendous birth defects and skyrocketing illness.
    July 25-26th 30 international experts gathered in Beijing, China, to an audience of 400 Chinese people interested in the future of China’s food safety and sustainable agriculture. I was deeply honored to attend and speak for many reasons.
    1. I am not a farmer or scientist. To be included to speak before such an influential country with such esteemed scientists and farmers too numerous to list in one sentence, was incredible. This was made possible not only by the sponsor of the event, but by the supporters of MAA, you Moms and leaders who hosted events, posted, emailed and called on support of our cause, making Moms Across America a coalition that the world has quickly recognized as Unstoppable! THANK YOU!
    2. As a half Chinese and half French American mother, I am very proud to be a part of an event coordinate by the country of my mother’s culture and grandfather’s homeland. China’s influence in this cause is tremendous.
    3. Being able to express the testimonials of the mothers I represent brings me to tears if I think about it. Your struggles and triumphs matter. Our stories need to be heard for the health and survival of the human race. Being able to share them to a captive audience with the power to do something about it, restores my faith in humanity. Thank you for making this possible.

    Bob Streit said at the conference in China “There are two groups the chemical companies and Monsanto do not want to wake up, Mothers, and China. And here we are.”
    We can do this. We must do this, but most importantly the fact that we choose to do this, means that we are a species deserving of this precious earth. The fact that hundreds of courageous humans gathered to share, learn, plan actions and make a difference together, and that thousands, maybe millions more are working together, makes me proud to raise my sons on this planet .
    Many times I am not proud. The information I learned and shared had me confused and ashamed of the actions of human beings. It is baffling that:
    Chemical companies that make the poison pesticides which are sprayed on GMO food and as a drying agent on non GMO foods ( except organic) are claiming that we must have GMOs to “feed the hungry” yet they completely ignore that we make more food than we need and waste 40% of the food we do eat. Summarized from Hans Herren, Switzerland
    Nicholas DeFarge of France, Seralini’s Team reported that the only study on Roundup (not just glyphosate) in the world showed that the adjuvents ( other chemicals) in Roundup make glyphosate 1000 x MORE toxic, resulting in 0.1ppb of glyphosate in the water fed to rats causing sex hormone changes and liver damage in rats.
    0.1ppb is half of what is allowed in drinking water in EU and 7 thousand times lower than what is allowed in the USA. The frightening thing is we cannot detect lower than 0.5ppb in our drinking water.
    Dr. Medardo Avila- Vazquez from Argentina shared that birth defects have tripled in just 9 years, from 1997-2008 in GMO/Glyphosate farming communities. Currently 21-23% of women have miscarriages, whereas in non farming areas, such as cities, only 3% have miscarriages. Of the women who have miscarriages 9 out of 11 show a positive link to pesticides. 33% of deaths are due to cancer with increased rates in mothers and children by fields. There has been a 258% increase of stomach and pancreatic cancer since GMOs/Glyphosate has been sprayed on their local farms.
    Although there has been a 858% increase of toxic agro chemicals, there has been only a 36% increase in yield. This increase in yield does not include the loss of jobs and sustainability however, from chemical companies buying land from under small family farmers and forcibly evicting them off the land.
    And yet it is inspiring that:
    Elena Sharoykina, Russia shared that Russia has BANNED GMOs. It is unlawful to even print propaganda about GMOS. Putin has made it clear that Russia “will protect it’s citizens from GMOs.”

    Elena on the right and Nadja ( translator) on left from Russia

    Henry Rowlands UK, shared the expansive plans the Global GMO Free Coalition has to connect and support organizations around the world. We ARE all working together and we ARE unstoppable!
    Gottfried Glockner, from Germany, a cow farmer stood his ground against Syngenta lawyers and maintained his integrity by not selling out to their bribes. He remained imprisoned for 18 months after he reported that his cows were harmed and died from BT Toxin GMO corn. He has since won his freedom and his farm back.

    Gottfried was imprisoned for 18 months and continues to fight.
    Maewan Ho from the UK explained that the old science assumed that one could alter DNA (like a replacing Lego) and have only linear changes, but now we know that DNA and RNA communicates with cells, protein and genes in the body in a circular, holistic manner. Like living things on the earth, what is happening in our body affects everything around it. This new perspective gives us new understanding of why GMOs and glyphosate have such an impact on various functions of the body and restores our faith in scientists who are working for the best of life on earth.
    Below are links to video interviews of just some of the extraordinary experts who spoke at the historic event:
    Nicholas DeFarge, Seralini’s Team on Roundup/Glyphosate’s Harm
    Vandana Shiva on GMOs and Glyphosate and her call to action

    Women from around the World!: not shown Stephanie Seneff and Monika Krueger
    Bob Streit, Farmer and Crop Specialist on the Impact of Glyphosate on Food Crops
    Howard Vlieger, Farmer and Biological Crop Nutrition Advisor on the Motivation Behind GMOs
    Art Dunham, Veteranarian on Glyphosate Harm to Animals
    MaeWen Ho, PhD. Scientist, UK on the Old Science of GMOs
    Peter Saunders, UK on Access to GMO Information
    Here is the amazing video from Vandana Shiva from the farmers in India made specifically for this conference:
    The other attendees, which also shared astounding information, I just did not get the time to interview between our talks and events, were:
    Dr. Don Huber USA, Judy Carman Aistralia, Monika Kruger Germany, Dr. Stephanie Seneff USA, Dr Irna Ermakova Russia, Dr. Michael Antoniou UK, Lomas de Zomara Argentina, Claire Bleakley New Zealand, Brenden Hoare New Zealand, TungjYemr Wu Taiwan, Ana Brocolli Argentina, Roberto Ungas Argentina, Fan Xiaohong China, Jin Wei China, Na Zhongyuan China, Jeffrey Smith USA, Eva Sirinathsigh UK, Zhou Zewei China, all organized by Dr. Gu and Cheni Wan and their amazing team.

    See the summary from the conference organizers here
    As I left the conference, I felt a deep sadness to part from what I could only describe as an immediate sense of family. Yet I was filled with inspiration, joy and confidence for the future we are all creating.
    I am completely confident that our efforts for health and freedom will prevail, that your efforts to share with your community about GMOs and Glyphosate (and all toxins) is exactly what we need to be doing and is exactly what will have us be successful. Moms are the voice of our communities because a mom’s motivation comes only for what is best for her family.
    I ask you not only to continue, but to step it up.
    Ask yourself, what else could I do?
    What is something NEW that I can do to share about GMOs/Gyphosate and Organic food today?
    Your support supports a world of health and freedom.
    Thank you!
    With Love and Gratitude,
    Zen Honeycutt and the MAAM Team
    Moms Across America

  3. Jessica Denning August 11, 2014 at 02:57 - Reply

    This second interview of scientist farmer Ib Pedersen with Zen, along with the one I just posted, makes me feel like I was there as I listen to her interviews of speakers:
    Ib’s study shows 5x birth defects when GMOs were fed to the sows:   
    From Zen
    While we were at the conference, Ib Pedersen’s and Monika Kruger’s paper on the deformities of piglets whose mother’s were fed GMO soy sprayed with Glyphosate, was released.

    See the study information here;

    Here are two important links of Ib Pedersen discussing his work and his government’s reaction.
    For anyone ever interested in becoming pregnant, or your children being able to reproduce, this information is essential.

    Part 1 of 2

    Part 2 of 2

    Ib Pedersen Pig Farmer

    Please note: The information is so heavy….I have to find something lighter to end with at the end of this video, so I end talking about bacon.
    But the impact of this information, is much greater. It means the lives of our babies are very likely being taken by this chemical. Our children are very likely being deformed, and many couples are very likely infertile who long to have children. This is no laughing matter.
    This is about the survival of our human race.
    Eating organic is ESSENTIAL.

    I was encouraged by a slide Monika Kruger shared. She sees great improvement in her cows and pigs with charcoal, humeric acid and SAURKRAUT JUICE! We can do that!

    Raw organic saurkraut as a staple, with every lunch and dinner, in our experience, creates and improvement in digestion and overall health.
    Organic miso soup, organic yogurt, organic keifer and kombucha made with organic sugar has also been reported as helpful.
    Check out

    Thank you for your continued support of Moms Across America.
    We wish you good health.

    Moms Across America

  4. CJ Clemens August 25, 2014 at 16:41 - Reply

    It is good to know that so many people world wide are concerned. GMOs and related chemicals are not healthy. Thanks so much for your dedication and support in the fight to save humanity.

  5. John Crocker August 25, 2014 at 17:31 - Reply

    This report almost sounds too good to be true. I share the hope that this is yet another of the signs that the tide is turning against the evil purveyors of poison in all our food.

    Was any mention made of the fact that one of the most influential studies in the field took place decades ago, ie. The China Study which was headed by Professor T Colin Campbell? And that it was researched in China itself? To me it is frightening that the lessons were not even taken to heart in China. Do they intend to produce Agent Orange there too?

    What about the indisputable fact that meat production is the most effective method of concentrating the toxins by several orders of magnitude and should be made the priority in the fight against the use of GMOs?

    To Mothers Across America and could it be made international .. Across the Globe? I extend hearty thanks and pray fervently this pressure can be sustained and increased.

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