Regarding the content on this site, the intent of the Sustainable Pulse is to provide a platform for users to enjoy the sustainable world.

The majority of content (text, images and videos) contained in the website is made by our users or is sourced from legitimate organizations and news providers from across the globe.

If the contributor states the source of the information, we report it, otherwise we assume it is new material and the copyright is therefore owned by the person contributing it to this site.

Sustainable Pulse’s policy is to include images, videos and articles only when we can ascertain that we have permission to use them. However, such material is often provided to us with little to no ownership information associated with it. If we are able to find an obvious copyright violation we reject the material from republication on this site.

If you encounter an article, image or video on this site that you own the rights to and you feel this material has been used by a Sustainable Pulse user without permission, please inform us.

If you let us know that you are the owner of said material we offer two very simple options to remedy this:

  1. We will credit the material to you if you allow it to appear on this site.
  2. We will remove the material if you do not want it to appear on this site.