Global GMO Free Coalition (GGFC)

Sustainable Pulse has started a project to gather together ‘GMO Free’ groups from around the World with the aim of creating a co-ordinated global campaign under the umbrella of the Global GMO Free Coalition (GGFC).

Visit the GGFC Website:

With the backing of our supporters Sustainable Pulse is now ready to coordinate and provide administration for the GGFC.

Following the best practises of the Global Anti-Nuclear Movement, the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition and the Elders, the GGFC will provide much needed global coordination to counteract the misguided arguments of the biotech industry regarding GE Crops and their associated pesticides.

GGFC Mission

The GGFC will create real change, both in public and government circles, on the important issues surrounding GMOs and their associated pesticides.

The GGFC has 4 specific aims:

  • To gain greater worldwide mainstream media exposure for the ‘GMO-Free’ movement – our coalition voice will be carefully managed so as to be inclusive of our partners’ views.
  • To improve the global lobbying ability of the GGFC’s partners by using contacts and lobbying techniques similar to those used by other global ecological movements – Direct contact with governments will be an important part of the GGFC’s work.
  • To provide detailed scientific arguments based on the facts both through media and science-related channels, thus challenging the current monopoly on science in the media by corporate-aligned and part-corporate-funded organizations such as the Science Media Centre.
  • To increase public awareness on ‘hot’ topics regarding GM foods and crops and their associated pesticides, through coordinated PR, celebrity and media involvement.

The GGFC’s intention is not to replicate the work of others, but to create partnerships that will enhance our collective influence.

The Current Situation

The Global GMO Free movement is currently made up of a large number of small NGOs which except for coordination on some specific issues such as GMO labeling initiatives in the USA, do not work closely together.  This fact opens the door to the superbly organized biotech industry whose well-oiled media machine is way ahead of the game.

Without the GGFC’s work to form a global GMO Free voice the Global GMO Free movement is likely to remain a fringe group that fails to gain any serious mainstream media or public attention.

The GMO Free movement is currently shooting itself in the foot by not working well together. The GGFC is being developed to solve this problem and to create a real force for change!


Please contact us if you are interested in joining the Global GMO Free Coalition (GGFC).