The Sinister Monsanto Group: ‘Agent Orange’ to Genetically Modified Corn

Posted on Jul 13 2013 - 8:15pm by Sustainable Pulse

The Americans do not only spy on governments, authorities and private individuals across the world with the help of their secret services;  they also understand how to push forward the global interests of their companies with full force. An impressive example of this is the agriculture giant Monsanto, the leading manufacturer of genetically modified seeds in the world. A glimpse into the world of Monsanto shows that companies which delivered the pesticide ‘Agent Orange’ to the US military in the Vietnam war had close connections with the central power in Washington, with tough people from the field of the US secret services and with private security companies.

Source: Süddeutsche Zeitung


Translated by New Europe Translations for Sustainable Pulse (Original in German)

“Imagine the internet as a weapon”

In the global fight against genetic engineering, the US group draws on dubious methods, strange helpers – and the power of Washington. Critics of the group feel they are being spied upon.

The US group Monsanto is a giant in the agriculture business: and number one in the controversial field of plant genetic engineering. For its opponents, many of whom live in Europe, Monsanto is a sinister enemy. Time and again mysterious things happen, which make the enemy seem yet more sinister.

In the previous month, the European environmental organisation ‘Friends of the Earth’ and the German Environmental and Nature Protection Association (BUND) wanted to present a study on the pesticide glyphosate in the human body. Weed killers containing glyphosate are the big seller for Monsanto. The company aims for more than two billion dollars turnover for the Roundup product alone.  ‘Roundup herbicide’ has a “long history of safe use in more than 100 countries”, Monsanto emphasises.

As viruses attack their computers, the eco-activists ask themselves: “could we be seeing ghosts?”

However, there are studies which show that the product may damage plants and animals and the latest study shows that many large city inhabitants now have the field poison in their bodies, without knowing it.  Exactly what the spray can trigger in an organism is, as with so many things in this field, disputed.

Two days before the study across 18 countries was set to be published, a virus disabled the computer of the main organiser, Adrian Bepp. There was a threat that press conferences in Vienna, Brussels and Berlin would be cancelled. “We panicked”, remembers Heike Moldenhauer from BUND. The environmental activists were under extreme time pressure.

Moldenhauer and her colleagues have widely speculated about the motives and identity of the mysterious attacker.  The genetic engineering expert at BUND believes the unknown virus suppliers wanted in particular to “generate confusion”.  Nothing is worse for a study than a cancelled press conference: “we did ask ourselves at the time if we were seeing ghosts”, said Moldenhauer.

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There is no evidence that Monsanto was the ghost or had anything to do with the virus. The company does not do things like that. It takes pride in operating “responsibly”: “Today, it is very easy to make and spread all kinds of allegations,” Monsanto claims. They say that “over and over there are also dubious and popular allegations spread, which disparage our work and products and are in no way based on science.”

Critics of the group see things differently. This is due to the wide network Monsanto has developed across the world. There are ties with the US secret services, the US military, with very hard operating private security companies and of course, with the US government.

A conspicuously large number of Monsanto critics report regular attacks by professional hackers.  The secret services and military also like to employ hackers and programmers. These specialise in developing Trojans and viruses in order to penetrate foreign computer networks. Whistle-blower Edward Snowden has indicated the connection between intelligence services actions and economic drive. However, this sinister connection has been overshadowed by other monstrosities.

Some powerful Monsanto supporters know a lot about how to carry out a cyber war. “Imagine the internet as a weapon, sitting on the table. Either you use it or your opponent does, but somebody’s going to get killed” said Jay Byrne, the former head of public relations at Monsanto, back in 2001.

Companies regularly fight with dubious methods to uphold what they see as their right: but friend or foe, him or me – that is fighting talk and in a war, you need allies. Preferably professionals. Such as those from the secret service milieu, for example.

Monsanto contacts are known to the notorious former secret service agent Joseph Cofer Black, who helped formulate the law of the jungle in the fight against terrorists and other enemies. He is a specialist on dirty work, a total hardliner. He worked for the CIA for almost three decades, among other things as the head of anti-terroism. He later became vice president of the private security company Blackwater, which sent tens of thousands of soldiers to Iraq and Afghanistan under US government orders.

Investigations show how closely connected the management and the central government in Washington are, as well as with diplomatic representatives of the USA across the world.  In many instances, Monsanto has operationally powerful assistants.  Former Monsanto employees occupy high offices in the USA in government authorities and ministries, industrial associations and in universities; sometimes in almost symbiotic relationships. According to information from the American Anti-Lobby-Organisation, Open Secrets Org, in the past year, 16 Monsanto lobbyists have taken up sometimes high ranking posts in the US administration and even in regulatory authorities.

For the company, it is all about new markets and feeding a rapidly growing world population. Genetic engineering and patents on plants play a big role here. Over 90 % of corn and soya in the USA is genetically modified. In some parts of the rest of the world the percentage is also growing constantly.

Only the European markets are at a standstill. Several EU countries have many reservations about the Monsanto future, which clearly displeases the US government administration. In 2009, the German CSU politician, Ilse Aigner, Federal Minister for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, also banned the corn type MON810 from German fields. When she travelled to the USA shortly afterwards, she was approached by her US colleague, Tom Vilsack about Monsanto. The democrat was once governor in the agricultural state of Iowa and distinguished himself early on as a supporter of genetic engineering. The genetic engineering industry elected him as ‘governor of the year’ in 2001.

Unfortunately, there is no recording of the discussion between Vislack and Aigner. It was said to be controversial.  A representative for the Federal Government described the tone: there were “huge efforts to force a change in direction of the German government regarding genetic policy.” The source preferred not to mention details the type of “huge efforts” and the attempt “to force” something. That is not appropriate between friends and partners.

Thanks to Snowden and Wikileaks, the world has a new idea of how these friends and partners operate where power and money are concerned. The whistle-blowing platform published embassy dispatches two years ago, which also included details about Monsanto and genetic engineering.

For example, in 2007, the former US ambassador in Paris, Craig Stapleton, suggested the US government should create a penalties list for EU states which wanted to forbid the cultivation of genetically engineered plants from American companies. The wording of the secret dispatch: “Country team Paris recommends that we calibrate a target retaliation list that causes some pain across the EU.” Pain, retaliation: not exactly the language of diplomacy.

Monsanto led the fight to allow the famous genetically engineered corn plant MON810 in Europe with lots of lobbying – the group completely lost the fight. It was even beaten out of the prestigious French and German markets. An alliance of politicians, farmers and clergy rejected genetic engineering in the fields and the consumers do not want it on their plates. But the battle is not over.  The USA is hoping that negotiations started this week for a free-trade agreement between the USA and the EU will also open the markets for genetic engineering.

Lobbying for your own company is a civic duty in the USA. Even the important of the 16 US intelligence services have always understood their work as being a support for American economic interests on the world markets.  They spy on not only governments, authorities and citizens in other countries under the name of the fight against terror, they also support American economic interests, in their own special way.

A few examples?

Monsanto denies the accusations and emphasises that it operates “responsibly”

More than two decades ago, when Japan was not yet a major economic power, the study ‘Japan 2000’ appeared in the USA, created by the employees of the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Japan, the study read, was planning a kind of world takeover with a ‘reckless trade policy’. The USA would be the losers, stated the study. The national security of the USA was at threat, it continued and the CIA gave the call to war.

America’s economy must be protected from the European’s “dirty tricks”, explained former head of the CIA James Woolsey. This, he maintained, is why the “continental European friends” were spied upon. A clean America.

The whistle-blower Snowden was once in Switzerland for the CIA and during this time, he reported on which tricks the company was said to have tried in order to win over a Swiss banker to spy on account data. The EU allowed the American services to take a close look at its citizens’ financial business. Allegedly, this was to dry up money sources for terror. The method and purpose are highly dubious.

In Switzerland, the scene of many earlier espionage novels now plays one of these episodes that make Monsanto especially mysterious and enigmatic: In January 2008, the former CIA agent Cofer Black travelled to Zurich and met Kevin Wilson, at the time Monsanto’s safety officer for global issues. About what did the two men talk? Probably the usual: Opponents, business, mortal enemies.

The investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill, who wrote the reference work about Blackwater, the company specializing in mercenaries, wrote in the American weekly The Nation in 2010 about the reported strange meeting in Zurich. He had received leaked documents once again. These show: Monsanto wanted to put up a fight. Against activists who destroyed the fields. Against critics, who influenced the mood against the genetic modification company. Cofer Black is the right man for all seasons: “We’ll take off the kid gloves”, he declared after the 11 September terrorist attacks, and tasked his CIA agents in Afghanistan to take out Osama bin Laden: “Get him, I want his head in a box.” However, he also understands a lot about the other secret service business, which operates with publicly available sources. When he meets with the Monsanto safety officer Wilson, Cofer Black is still the Vice (President) at Blackwater, who has the Pentagon, the State Department, the CIA and, of course private companies as customers. However, there was a lot of anxiety in January 2008, because the mercenaries of the security company had shot 17 civilians in Iraq and some Blackwater employees had drawn attention by bribing Iraqi government employees. It just so happened that Cofer Black was at the same time head of the security company Total Intelligence Solutions (TIS), which was a subsidiary of Blackwater, not saddled with the same devastating reputation, however staffed with some excellent and versatile experts.

According to their own statements, Monsanto was conducting business with TIS at the time and not with Blackwater. It is without doubt that Monsanto received reports from TIS about the activities of critics. The activities in question were those that would have presented a risk for the company, its employees or its operating business. The information collected ranged from terrorist attacks in Asia to the scanning of websites and blogs. Monsanto emphasizes that TIS only used publicly accessible material when preventing said risk.

This matched Black’s modus operandus. No shady dealings.

There used to be rumors that Monsanto wanted to take over TIS to mitigate their risk – and there are new rumors these days that the group allegedly is considering a takeover of the company Academi that emerged after a few transformations from the former Blackwater Company. Is anything correct about these rumors? “As a rule we are not disclosing details about our relations with service providers, unless that information is already available to the public,” is the only commentary from Monsanto.

Every company has its own history, and the history of Monsanto includes a substance, which the turned the company into a demon not only not only for the aging 1968ers: Monsanto was one of the leading manufacturers of the pesticide Agent Orange, which was used until January 1971 by the US military in the Vietnam War. Forests were defoliated by constant chemical bombardment to make the enemy visible. Arable land was poisoned, so that the Vietcong had nothing to eat. In the sprayed areas, the teratogenic effects increased more than ten times. Children were born without noses, without eyes, with hydrocephalus, with facial clefts and the US military stated that the Monsanto agent was as harmless as aspirin.

Is everything allowed in war? Especially in the new fangled cyber war?

It is already obvious that somebody makes life difficult for Monsanto critics and an invisible hand ends careers. However, who is this somebody? The targets of these attacks are scientists, such as the Australian Judy Carman. Among other things, she has made a name for herself with studies of genetically modified plants. Her publications were questioned by the same professors which also attacked the the studies of other Monsanto critics.

Visit GMO Judy Carman – Information on Dr. Judy Carman here

It does not stop at skirmishes in the scientific community. Hackers regularly target various web pages where Carman publishes her studies and the sites are also systematically observed, at least that is the impression Carman has. Evaluations of IP log files show that not only Monsanto visits the pages regularly, but also various organizations of the U.S. government, including the military. These include the Navy Network Information Center, the Federal Aviation Administration and the United States Army Intelligence Center, an institution of the US Army, which trains soldiers with information gathering. Monsanto’s interest in the studies is understandable, even for Carman. “But I do not understand why the U.S. government and the military are having me observed,” she says.

The organization GM Watch, known to be critical of gene technology, also experiences strange events. Editor Claire Robinson reports continued hacker attacks on the homepage since 2007. “Every time we increase the page security just a bit, the opposite side increases their tenacity and following are new, worse attacks”, she says. She also cannot believe the coincidences that occur. When the French scientist Gilles Eric Seralini published a controversial study on the health risks of genetically modified maize and glyphosate in 2012, the web site of GM Watch was hacked and blocked. The same repeats when the opinion of the European food inspectorate (EFSA) is added to the site. The timing was skilfully selected in both cases. The attacks took place exactly when the editors wanted to publish their opinion.

It has not yet been determined who is behind the attacks.

Monsanto itself, as stated, emphasizes that the company operates “responsibly”.

The fact is, however, that much is at stake for the group. It is about an upcoming bill. Especially about the current negotiations on the free trade agreement. Particularly sensitive is the subject of the agricultural and food industry. The Americans want to open the European markets for previously prohibited products. In addition to genetically engineered plants controversial feed additives and hormone-treated beef are subject of the negotiations. The negotiations will probably extend over several years.

The Americans want to use the Free Trade Agreement to open the European GMO Market.

The negotiations will be detailed. Toughness will rule the day. US President Barack Obama has therefore appointed Islam Siddiqui as chief negotiator for agriculture. He has worked for many years for the US ministry of agriculture as an expert. However, hardly anyone in Europe knows: From 2001 to 2008, he represented CropLife America as a registered lobbyist. CropLife America is an important industry association in the United States, representing the interests of pesticide and gene technology manufacturers – including of course Monsanto. “Actually, the EU cannot accept such a chief negotiator because of bias”, says Manfred Hausling, who represents the Green Party in the EU parliament.

Eigentlich (In fact). The word Eigentlich (in fact) meant in the Middle High German according to the relevant dictionaries “indentured”, which is not a bad description of the current situation, in particular as the European and German politicians have surprisingly much understanding for the US services who regularly spy on them.

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  1. norma July 14, 2013 at 18:05 - Reply

    Yes,monsanto is crazy corrupt with power, given many perks from Europe. We in the people hate what monsanto is doing. But Bankers world wide control, we fight but get slapped down, from our own elected officals. Now lets clear up one thing those Blackwater Boys, would be able to do all their dirty work if all their military gear wasn’t made in Germany.

  2. Mark Jones July 15, 2013 at 01:29 - Reply

    Monsanto is funded and backed by the government, as a tool, it is critical for Monsanto control the worlds food supply. The NWO can and will off as many people as necessary in order to maintain survivability of the planet.

    • Shawn July 29, 2013 at 16:00 - Reply

      the planet will not be survivable once genetically modified seeds infest wild plants

      • Gertrude November 13, 2013 at 13:50 - Reply

        Not once. It already has. In the US all wild Canola plants are infected with gmo.

    • Victoria Bingham November 8, 2013 at 03:26 - Reply

      Interesting to hear ‘survivability of the planet’ as if the NWO maintains that or anything else pertaining to life. The only thing the statists understand and practice is death and destruction. God Almighty who created the world, certainly knew how to have it ‘survive’ without any help from George W. Bush and clan. They may think they are building survivability, but they are actually digging their own graves.

    • Victoria Bingham November 8, 2013 at 03:30 - Reply

      Interesting to hear ‘NWO maintaining the survivability of the planet’ as if the NWO maintains anything else pertaining to life. The only thing the statists understand and practice is death and destruction. God Almighty who created the world, certainly knew how to have it ‘survive’ without any help from George W. Bush and clan. They may think they are building survivability, but they are actually digging their own graves.

  3. C. Gonzo July 15, 2013 at 07:02 - Reply

    Monsanto is NOT an ‘agricultural giant’ as stated above – they are a chemical company – their main income producing product it RoundUp, a carcinogenic toxic pesticide. They produce absolutely nothing that could be, by any intelligent person’s reasoning, considered food. The only thing remotely resembling agriculture they produce is dead bodies, which might perhaps then fertilize the soil.

    • cassandra July 25, 2013 at 03:24 - Reply

      Monsanto owns nearly all crop seeds. Natural seeds cannot be patented, but GM seeds can. Monsanto recently won a suit against a farmer who wanted to recultivate last year’s plants rather than buy new seeds. The court said that in effect the farmer bought a one-use license when he bought the seeds.

  4. PoorButterfly July 15, 2013 at 07:53 - Reply

    From the first sentence of this article — PLEASE understand that America is being occupied by a foreign government outside of its borders – the United States, Inc. in the District of Columbia. The American people are not in favor of or agreement with Monsanto or its genocidal intentions.

  5. let me off this marry-go-round July 15, 2013 at 18:58 - Reply

    Nice article. Thank you. Monsanto must be resisted.

    • Norman August 1, 2013 at 22:45 - Reply

      I would suggest “destroyed”

  6. fmrl July 15, 2013 at 23:54 - Reply

    Mussolini said that the essence of fascism is the corporate takeover of government. That is part of what has gone wrong with the USA. Just look at what the regulatory agencies, even the Supreme Court do. Things have been getting worse since the Reagan era.

  7. JMC July 16, 2013 at 10:32 - Reply

    Before we know it we’ll be eatting Soylent Green, produced of course by Monsanto and Syngenta.

    • Knot Forue July 25, 2013 at 19:40 - Reply

      If you are what you eat you’ll be dead by morning!
      When I buy seed for my own garden I DID NOT buy a single use agreement and I do, will save NON GMO seeds for MY future! AND F**K Monsanto, the US GOV and anyone else who tries to stop me and my GOD GIVEN rights!

    • Susan Wright November 1, 2013 at 09:05 - Reply

      Yes soylent green!!!! The food being given to livestock contains chicken manure among other things……….the food system is insane watched Food Inc on youtube last night
      I’d like to start saving my own seeds as well. I find thing are not always so easy to grow
      a greenhouse might be the answer live in th north of Alberta

  8. Lewis Smart July 16, 2013 at 11:48 - Reply

    Is the original article available on the Sueddeutsche website? I found one by the same authors from the 13th, but it translates to something quite different to whats posted here.

    • Admin July 16, 2013 at 14:56 - Reply

      Dear Lewis,

      The full article is only available in the SZ print version from the 13th July – which can be downloaded from their website against payment.

  9. Anonymous July 17, 2013 at 07:43 - Reply

    Could the NSA be to blame for the hacking? I bet Snowden knows this and the US government believes he’ll reveal the US Government capture by Corporate interests for what it is, a huge tax paying SCAM!

  10. Tiger July 29, 2013 at 18:35 - Reply

    If you refer to – the CAFR story – Jerry Day – regarding the Deception that the Government makes on the Public – talking BUDGETs when People should be shown the CAFR – Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports – he also makes the important point / ASSERTION – that the money that the US Government has stashed away as Investments – in the CAFRs – today is such that 70 % of all US listed Stocks are owned by Government – via Investments made in these companies.

    Listen to THAT AGAIN !

    70 % of all US listed Company Stocks – DOW / NASDAQ etc – are owned by the US Government. That includes Microsoft and many other top companies. Via Investments – held on US Government books – visible thru the CAFR – by doing a detailed reading.

    That ALSO includes MONSANTO.

    In other words – notwithstanding the ownership declarations – and Stock Exchange filings on ownership — the real 70 % dominant owner of these stocks – is the US Government !!

    So – the US Government – sees no Conflict of Interest in any promotion / support of Monsanto! Or in having a revolving door between FDA / USDA and Monsanto.

    Which is WHY – the US Govt & the US Military – a wing of the US Govt – have no compunctions in these ILLEGAL Pressure tactics – to get people to back off – or pressure people / Govt servants in foreign countries – into allowing Monsanto to gain access & enter their foreign markets – despite the determined resistance of these foreign people from so many countries – who have decided to keep Monsanto far outside their countries’ borders.

    After all – from the perspective of the US Govt – Monsanto is the US Govt’s – and needs to be pushed / promoted in any & EVERY way – especially since it is faces tremendous resistance in ALL markets globally.

    These facts also tie in with the NWO Agenda – population reduction theme – which is a barely hidden facet – of what is now clearly becoming unofficial, undeclared, secret US Govt Policy – just as the US Govt supports / facilitates / promotes & pushes Monsanto & the GMO crowd onto the world’s populations.

    This doctrine – ties in with the Georgia Guidestones dictum & principles – and the varied utterances – from Bill Gates, the WHO, CDC, WTO & Codex Alimentarius, FAO, GATT, the EC Councils – and George Soros types, other Billionaires – the Rockefellers and such like. Rothschilds and their front men, front Companies & political Operators across the globe.

    Is it ANY WONDER ??!!
    Open your EYES !

  11. Scott Douglas Lemoine July 30, 2013 at 04:24 - Reply

    “Monsanto should not have to vouchsafe the safety of biotech food. Our interest is in selling as much of it as possible. Assuring its safety is the F.D.A.’s job” – Phil Angell, Monsanto’s director of corporate communications. “Playing God in the Garden” New York Times Magazine, October 25, 1998.

    “Ultimately, it is the food producer who is responsible for assuring safety” – FDA, “Statement of Policy: Foods Derived from New Plant Varieties” (GMO Policy), Federal Register, Vol. 57, No. 104 (1992), p. 229

  12. Silvermaven August 1, 2013 at 03:08 - Reply

    The people have been so brainwashed they don’t even know they have been fighting WWIII right under their own noses for over 35yrs. They knew in 1985 what really caused AIDS immune suppression with the antigenic variation from Hades they said was caused by HIV. LOL HIV never caused AIDS and they knew what did when they gave it to all of us in vaccines.
    Henrietta Lacks Immortal cells used for decades are Immortal because you cannot kill spirochetal prion proteins. Yes that’s what I said—They lied about MadCow too.
    40 diff. diseases…LOL

    TRY HUNDREDS OF LIES OF SINdromes. … 04463.html
    July 12, 2013, 6:05 a.m. ET
    Autism Epidemic Linked to Epidemic of Vaccine Induced Diabetes

    Spirochetal prion proteins recombine with whatever they want to survive and it matters not where that DNA comes from. Plant, animal, human, insects, yeast, fungus, bacteria.

    Its growing in our guts, our brains, and our skin.
    Morgellons spirochetal prion proteins sharing their genes– why all those Autism babies and syndromatic cannot tolerate gluten…

    But it NOT just in the skin….
    Segmented Filamentous Bacteria in human ileostomy samples after high fiber intake.

    Proving Lipid Rafts Exist: Membrane Domains in the Prokaryote Borrelia burgdorferi Have the Same Properties as Eukaryotic Lipid Rafts.

    Two Misfolding Routes for the Prion Protein around pH 4.5.

    Infectious properties of protein aggregates involved in neurodegenerative diseases

    They KNEW what adding Anthrax and Smallpox infectious antigens would do to our soldiers. And they KNEW that each and every addition would add to the prion synergy of gene sharing stealth to take out USA. And they Knew in 1985 what was really wrong with your babies and refused to tell you stupid American’s the truth, or help you treat the multiple infections they caused~
    Now all America suffers because you let criminals run our medical mafia for decades. We have a very small window to STOP the pandemic. But I don’t think USA has got the guts or the brass to get er done.

  13. DigitalChoas August 2, 2013 at 03:11 - Reply

    i would like to clarify something about this article . you use the words Americans and United States . this is not factual it is the American Government or United States Government , the people of the United States do not Condone this any more then you do but our Government is out of control and No Longer cares about the will of the People .the Corporate Corruption is well seated now .so please in future articles State it is this Countries Government and not its people .

    • Aardvark August 27, 2013 at 00:20 - Reply

      So who elected the government? Surely the if the people of the United States do not condone this apalling situation then they are the ones best placed to get rid of their corrupt government.

      • MonicaC September 19, 2013 at 23:03 - Reply

        I don’t know what happened to our government. This isn’t the country I grew up in, and I want that one back. Our country is being run by corporations, which is something many of our founding fathers warned against and now it has happened, quietly, without fanfare. Our Fascist States of America.

      • Didi September 12, 2016 at 10:41 - Reply

        USA politicians are puppets to USA based multinational corporations who have systematically take over the world using money power over the masses.
        Monsanto is a legal entity owned by shareholders that USA politicians try to protect as shareholders at stake represent large public investment funds. For this reason, companies like Monsanto take advantage of the fact that they have First Amendment rights as per the Supreme court decision in 2010. If anyone thinks people own their government, they are sadly mistaken. Since 2010, corporations took that over.
        The Koch brothers assisted Citizens United in the horrid 2010 decision by a far right movement. Why do you think the GOP is dead set against Obama appointing a judge to the Supreme Court? There are many states trying to ease out of the federal supreme courts’ first amendment rights to these corporations in the upcoming election.
        I live in Canada, a country so different but blind to Monsanto at the moment. However, my province has curbed glyphosate spraying and bayer’s bee killing chemicals.

  14. frank May 23, 2014 at 03:16 - Reply

    my grandfater had a slow painfull death because of you and now my mom is having symtoms of it.

  15. Edward Kissam May 27, 2014 at 08:38 - Reply

    I am the only person and organization who is making an active difference is making sure people all across the nation are first aware of Monsanto then what Monsanto makes, owns, developes, that they are in the US government, how they poison people and manipulate people so they can make money and help the Medical industry make money.
    ‘The Kissam Project’ on Facebook as well as is an organization that actively seek out people through venues and show the documentary ‘The Future of Food’ as well as give a history and answer questions. People are the power behind changing Monsanto. My organization also is going to the State legislatures in the USA where we will help to not only change their minds to either ban Monsanto products from their states or have the food products with GMO labeled in their state.
    I have found there are so many people who do not even know who Monsanto is and that Roundup is made by Monsanto and that they are eating the Roundup residue as well as the Bt toxin they are eating.
    I must make this happen. No one else is.
    Please help ‘The Kissam Project’ by donating. Money talks and ‘The Kissam Project’ will make a difference.
    Please donate today, even $5 will help but if you can do more I can do even more. Donate to and YOU will see the impact this will make on changing the tide.
    Let us do this together.
    Ed Kissam
    The Kissam Project on Facebook
    [email protected]

  16. James B September 10, 2014 at 21:13 - Reply

    I should state right now that I did not really feel this gmo debate was a real issue and a lot to do about nothing, at most a liberal non issue, with so many other pressing issues – then I found reports that the FDA never did their own studies on this, gmo and roundup, but relied on industry studies. That these crops were injected or gunned with viris, pesticide and herbicide resistance, and that they actually require much more chemicals than conventional crops.

    Then I read studies in England and France that found real differences with gmo roundup and with tumors, damage to kidney liver and massive sterility problems. There were also studies in Spain and Russia that all independently found major problem. Some of the studies were retracted by huge amounts of money and pressure from Monsanto. (In both France and England) They made huge grants to the university that made the study in England and in France they got their executives to head the research foundation. After an extensive two year peer reviewed study was on the books for over a year it was rescinded for using the same variables that got this stuff approved in the first place(kind of rat and amounts of food and water, etc).

    If you look up sites saying it is safe you will find numbers of sites, all with ties to Monsanto and chemical companies. I looked up some of the people who were on left action and other sites and all for gmo and against labeling them: One was an ex FDA agent and 2 others had ties to chemical companies.

    This is not a liberal vs conservative or democrat vs republican issue as they are both given huge amounts of money. The gmo labeling initiative in California was outspent about 100 to 1, with Monsanto pumping 45 mil into the debate.

    The gmo plants have much more roundup in them than non gmo. This roundup stuff is very dangerous with studies showing links to birth defects, sterility and cancers! On top of that the only people who benefit from this is Monsanto, we cannot sell this to our trading partners in Europe and Asia. The yields are no greater, it does nothing to help the starving masses. Actually the reverse is true, farmers cannot use seeds from their own crops, and it kills bees, infects our water and air and the seeds and poison that go on top all have to come from Monsanto, who as a company seem to have no problem putting people at risk, whether it’s agent orange, dioxin or DDT, people to this day are suffering from those chemicals which were supposed to be totally safe. I will spare you the pictures of massive birth defects, children born with two heads, arms missing and blind. They all have the common element of exposure to the areas where agent orange were sprayed. Our service men and woman who took part in that war have major problems to this day and have never been properly compensated. They were not told to avoid the orange water and swam in it, used no protection and ate, slept and breathed it.

    Now we are supposed to ignore those numerous studies that show harm and the past lies of Monsanto because they claim it’s safe. Gmo was supposed to be broken down on eating, we know now that’s a lie! The one human study found it collects in your gut and emits pesticides long after being eaten.

    In animals they develop large tumors, have their immune system destroyed and become sterile. Farmers cant breed their cattle anymore, often having them give birth to bags of water or most commonly miscarry. Roundup was supposed to not collect in our blood and fat cells, now we know from scientific studies that is a total lie as well!

    What do we do with a totally experimental crop with lateral changes to its DNA (with toxins and pesticides and “roundup ready” or poison resistance built into the plant, that has never been done before, with totally inadequate industry testing) that is then laced with roundup inside and out, (which is known endocrin disruptor): Just ask yourself, what would Hitler and the Devil do? Let’s put it in baby food and slip it into everybody’s foods without telling anyone! Autism up now 260% since introduction! Food allergies increased by 50% in England when this was put into foods! Just a coincidence! Breast and prostrate cancer up, another coincidence! We’ll better not label so they have no proof, better yet let’s pass the Monsanto protection act so they can’t be sued if this stuff goes wrong and causes cancer and birth defects! Well that’s not supposed to happen anyways right? Then I find that the White House and Monsanto cafeteria both eat organic foods! What are they afraid of?

    If I was in charge I would ban all gmo and roundup as well as neonicotinoid or N class pesticides (Roundup is a herbicide but is also one as well as Bayer who makes quite a few) and atrazine that are known to kill bees and cause mutations. The scientist who found that was fired and had his credibility questioned when the study found this to be extremely carcinogenic to frogs and potentially to people. In fact many scientists have been attacked and discredited only when they find results that Monsanto did not want! We have lived for over 10,000 years without this poison, and we have no reason to use it now except greed. We should ban all Roundup sales in Massachusetts, ban the planting of gmo crops and require labeling of gmo in our foods.

  17. Leo August 2, 2017 at 23:22 - Reply

    Thank you for your interest in health.

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