Hawaii Babes Slam Barnett as GMO Debate Heats up WA Election Race – Watch Here

Posted on Feb 28 2013 - 6:11pm by Sustainable Pulse

Hawaii based Babes Against Biotech have come out with a sultry video attacking the Premier of Western Australia Colin Barnett, as the GMO debate threatens to ignite the WA election race.

Barnett, who has supported the biotech industry in Western Australia, led the WA State Government’s $ 9 million investment into research infrastructure along with a facility in Merredin to evaluate the performance of trial GM crops.

Nomi Carmona of Babes Against Biotech stated “We seriously want to stop GMO everywhere but especially in Western Australia (WA) which has its parliamentary election on 9 March 2013.”

“A new study by Seralini et al 2012 published in respected US science journal Food and Chemical Toxicology linked consumption of Genetically Modified foods to cancer, liver and kidney damage in rats. The current WA Government under Colin Barnett supports GMO and must be stopped. Please vote for WA Labour or WA Greens who are against GMO. Please do not vote for WA Liberals nor WA Nationals,” she added.

Carmona is referring to the CRIIGEN study led by Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini in 2012 that caused a stir in Europe, the US and Australia in 2012. The study found that rats fed on a diet containing NK603 Roundup tolerant GM maize or given water containing Roundup, at levels permitted in drinking water and GM crops in the US, developed cancers faster and died earlier than rats fed on a standard diet. They also suffered breast cancer and severe liver and kidney damage.

There has been a growing debate about GMO safety in Western Australia. The Barnett Government is blamed for introducing commercial-scale GM farming to WA and confirmed in Parliament that it took no interest in whether these crops entered the food chain or if they were safe.

Earlier this week the GMO debate also spawned a world’s first anti-GMO TV campaign that exposed the Seralini 2012 research to the mass public in Western Australia. It is currently being broadcast on Channel 7 and has been popular in social media circles.

As is stated on their website Babes Against Biotech is a non-profit based in Hawaii that was founded in response to the massive GMO open air experimentation and seed industry currently operating on Hawaiian soil.

For all media enquiries regarding this video please contact:

Nomi Carmona,

Skype: babesagainstbiotech


More on Babes Against Monsanto: BAB analyze GMO related legislature, track GMO money in the legislature and educate the community about which politicians are taking the money and voting in favor of biotech. They provide grassroots direct action alerts via social media and assign legislative Food Homework which makes it easy for thousands of subscribers to testify on GMO matters. They lead protests against GMO chemical companies who perform the majority of their experiments in the open air in Hawaii and organize environmental action events with local organic farmers  to promote sustainability while resisting GMO control. BAB also works with artists against GMOs to hold anti-GMO concerts where they collect petition signatures and bring awareness to the majority not aware of GMOs. Their founder is a published writer on GMOs, and they have been featured in the news, numerous articles and the radio several times for their activism (and fully clothed). Their 2013 bikini calendar proceeds go to stopping GMO and they look forward to producing their 2014 Bros Against Biotech calendar, starting more BAB chapters and building their online magazine about people fighting GMOs around the world.

DISCLAIMER: Whilst this is an extremely important global campaign to stop GMO poisoning the world, we are very careful not to be patriarchal and patronising, as this is the Babes Against Biotech’s unique way to bring attention to the issue. When we read the ‘About’ section of their website we were extremely moved as to how potent their comments were and when we watched the Youtube video of the Founder, Nomi Carmona, speaking sincerely and comprehensively about GMOs at a state government level we were extremely impressed again!

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  1. Philip, Perth Western Australia March 3, 2013 at 06:46 - Reply

    Mmmm… this is not the sort of ad that will work. In fact it’s what I’d expect from the other side. These girls sound like Valley Girl air-heads and cast almost exactly the wrong tone on the argument. But I’m sure (hope) they meant well.
    How about some clothed, intelligent-sounding young people rather than a cheer-leader type message?

    • henry March 3, 2013 at 16:42 - Reply

      You may have a point regarding its not the sort of ad that will work – but at least they are trying. We believe in supporting all ideas re: the anti-GMO movement. I would also like to point out that these Hawaii Babes are certainly not ‘airheads’ having spoken excellently many times at a state government level in Hawaii and having made a real difference there.

  2. Stan Western Australia March 4, 2013 at 02:05 - Reply

    Philip’s criticism is pure smokescreen! IS he really from WA? True debate has been stopped almost completely here in Western Australia just like it has been elsewhere by the tactics of the GMO lobbyists. Minister Redman halted true research into GMO’s as soon as he got into office and lifted the moratorium despite the majority of Western Australians saying NO to GMO!
    That is not democracy.
    Wikileaks released cables which showed that the US government acts as a partner to the biotech crowd and is ready to lean on foreign governments and “inflict pain” in order to enforce acceptance of GMO “foods”. Why would they do that? Think it through. Since their “feed the world” and other mantra’s are all proving to be falsehoods (= LIES), then the logical conclusion is that there is bad intent behind these lies. That bad intent could be as simple as seeking to take maximum market share and secure strong bottom line or it could be much more sinister and evil. But given the dangers of GMO’s and the complete lack of true testing ….and join that with the constant attempts to stifle debate and suffocate any adverse findings and you have something which already is sinister and evil and puts us all in the category of guinea pigs.
    I heard an analogy recently which seemed to fit the scene perfectly: oil or gasolene provided a fantastic revenue stream and business model which must be duplicated on as many key fronts as possible, control of food, air and water being the gold mines most sort after.
    The biotech industry and the US government has invested an awful lot into securing worldwide market share of food through GMO. If every mouthful of food provides a revenue stream back to a handful of biotech giants we have a multitude of problems of sufficient magnitude to demand a complete clean up of all the ethical issues which go to make up that problem. These would include Government involvement in business; what is democracy exactly and does a good democratic example actually exist on planet earth at this time?; proper long term testing of anything which has the potential to damage life; business ethics, especially corporate ethics – we have seen enough corporations go off the rails with greed or corruption to demand that corporate entities be redefined to disallow callous activity.; the link between government & business when it comes to revolving door syndrome, where industry plants a mole in government to help the passage of favorable legislation. Yes there are a lot of ethical issues at question and the best time to start is now….and with the GMO issue as top priority. What are they trying to put in our food? OMG its GMO. Stop GMO’s now, the buggers can’t be trusted!!

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