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Posted on Sep 12 2012 - 3:37pm by Sustainable Pulse

GMO Evidence is a simple, one page map & library resource that shows the global picture of harm from GMOs & Roundup (world’s #1 glyphosate-based herbicide).


Surveys continue to show that the public is confused about the safety of GMO (+Roundup).

Evidence of the safety of GMO (+ Roundup) is hidden deep in 1,000’s of pages of information because there are very few independent scientists doing safety studies and many scientists doing studies of the benefits of GMO and Roundup. (refer to Q&A Q#2: )

GMO Evidence has located lab-based scientific research papers and ‘field’ cases, all from published sources, to create a map-based library that puts all the facts regarding the harm caused by GMOs and Roundup in one place.

GMO Evidence includes the work of highly respected scientists like Prof. Gilles-Eric Seralini and his colleagues from CRIIGEN and the University of Caen, including their latest landmark research papers on both GMOs and Roundup. Research papers also include highly reputable authors like Dr. Arpad Pusztai, Dr. Jack Heinneman and Prof. Andres Carrasco.

GMO Evidence field cases of special interest include the birth defects in piglets fed on GM Soy recently publicized in Denmark, illness allegedly from GM Pollen in the Philippines, alleged infertility in pigs in Iowa and human birth defects from GM Soy in Argentina are shown to create a true worldwide picture of the harm GMOs and Roundup have already caused.

GMO Evidence believes that the world public needs easy access to information regarding GMO & Roundup dangers to their health and their environment. It is critical that the public understands that  a large % of GM Crops are sprayed with Roundup, which has already been shown to harm human, animal, soil and plant health.

GMO Evidence is developed by a group of individual citizens from a number of different countries who are not part of any activist group. Our aim is to inform and to support real sustainable agriculture.

To help GMO Evidence please put a link to their web-site on your site, blog or app – if you need help on how to do this please use the below contact to ask for assistance.

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For More Information please contact [email protected] or visit the web-site and use the contact form.

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