Mothers Unite to Inspire Healthy GMO Free World

Posted on May 2 2015 - 2:07pm by Sustainable Pulse

On Saturday mothers will unite in homes or community centers across the globe, connected by a live video call, inspiring actions to create healthy communities. The call will be hosted by Moms Across the World, co-created by Vandana Shiva of Navdanya and Zen Honeycutt of Moms Across America.

277 hosts have signed up on Facebook and 63+ on the Moms Across America website with global partners: from Australia, “NO GMO School Lunch” Moms from Taiwan, UK Mums Say No to GMOs, GE Free New Zealand,  Organic Consumers Association, Green America, PAN, Label GMOs and Moms in Argentina, Africa, China and more support this event.  The international Weston A. Price Foundation has partnered in supporting mothers with health solutions and hosting events.

Mothers recognize that there is a global health crisis. They will celebrate the efforts of local Moms as they support each other through sharing their children’s skyrocketing health issues and the solutions they have discovered. On Saturday, an international video Call to Action for Healthy Communities will unite moms; with Vandana Shiva of Navdanya, Jeffrey M.Smith producer of Genetic Roulette, Dr. Evaggelos Valliantos author of “Poison Spring”, Dr. Michelle Perro, Integrative Pediatrician and notable moms such as Karen Daggett Austin who has helped cause a GMO Free Zone in her community and Zen Honeycutt, host and facilitator of this event will connect for an hour with moms across the USA and world.

Those who would like to join the international Call to Action for Healthy Communities may log on to at 10:30 am PT and click on LIVE for the free broadcast.  The event will be recorded and remain at

The event is intended not just to be a supportive structure for Moms to connect and find solutions to their families’ health issues, but to shift the food industry and economy around the world.

Organizer Zen Honeycutt says “It’s not enough for my family to eat organic and be healthy. My son’s future spouses are out there somewhere, in our community, be it local or global, and I want their future families to be able to be healthy. I want to be able to procreate someday, if they wish, and have healthy children, to experience the profound love that it is to have one’s own child.” To do this, she says, “We need to eliminate GMOs and toxins in our children’s food which have been shown to impact fertility, sterility, gut-brain connection and mental capacity. We need to reach out and make a difference in our communities. It’s up to us.”

The plan of the Moms: When each MeetUp has 15 moms at their local Meetups, who then go out and share with 5 moms each about GMOs and the benefits of going organic, who share with 5, who share with 5 moms = 1,875 moms from each location who will then go out and spend at least 200 dollars a week on organic food X 200 Meetups = 4 billion dollar  increase in organic food sales per year across the nation, on average 6.5 million dollars into each local community at local farmer’s markets and thousands of healthier, happier people. Moms Across America is requesting sponsors to continue to support Moms Meetups as monthly events.

“We are running out of time”  Honeycutt says, “MIT Scientist Dr.Stephanie Seneff predicts that at the current diagnosis rate of autism, 1 out of 2 of our children born in 2034 will be diagnosed with Autism*. America will not be a world power with 50% of it’s population compromised. The toll on our families and society will be overwhelming. We know there is a gut brain connection and the ingredients in processed foods, which are primarily GMO and sprayed with Glyphosate, make a difference. We must act now. We have new solutions and actions we can all take now in our communities that will alter the course of the health of our human race.”

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