Global GMO Free Coalition Set to Help Fund World’s Largest GMO Safety Study

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by Sustainable Pulse - 12 November 2014

The Global GMO Free Coalition welcomes the launch of the largest ever study on GMO and pesticide safety – Factor GMO. This is the type of study that should have been carried out on all GM foods before they were released into our food and feed supplies. Factor GMO will include three arms: carcinogenicity,...

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57 Million Americans Warn UK over Dangers of GM Food and Farming

England, UK . 11.11.2014. London . Downing Street. Open letter handed in from 57 million Americans warning Brits of the dangers of GM food and farming.

In an open letter published in The Times newspaper and promoted through a digital billboard at Waterloo station, American celebrities, Susan Sarandon, Daryl Hannah and Robert Kennedy Jr joined US NGOs, trade groups and businesses such as Food & Water Watch, the Sierra Club, the Rachel Carson Council, Friends of the Earth, the Organic Consumers Association, Dr Bronner’s and NYR Organic to...

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Germany and Bulgaria Confirm Strong Opposition to GM Crops

Daniel Mitov GM crops

Germany’s Farm Minister Christian Schmidt and Bulgaria’s Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov both confirmed their countries’ strong opposition to GM crops on Friday. “Bulgaria’s position on that matter remains unchanged – Bulgaria does not support allowing GM crops to be sold on the market and produced on the territory of the EU,” said new Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov, speaking at Friday’s...

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New Review: Not Enough Evidence that GM Crops are Safe to Eat


A recently published review by researchers at two universities has suggested that there is not enough evidence that GM crops are safe to eat. Researchers looked at published studies on rats fed GM crops containing one or more of three […] The post New Review: Not Enough Evidence that GM Crops are Safe to Eat appeared first on GMO Judy Carman. ...