Alarming Levels of Glyphosate Contamination Found in Popular American Foods

by Sustainable Pulse - 14 November 2016

Glyphosate, the world’s most widely used herbicide linked to Monsanto’s Roundup Ready genetically engineered crops, has been found at alarming levels in a wide range of best-selling foods across the U.S., Food Democracy Now! and The Detox Project announced Monday. For the full...

Sustainable Agriculture

Bermuda Environment Minister Continues Ban on Glyphosate


Bermuda’s Environment Minister Cole Simons is not prepared to lift the ban on weedkillers containing glyphosate “at this point in time”, he stated Thursday. Source: The announcement, made at a stakeholder consultation meeting on Thursday on the Glyphosate Monitoring Study Draft Report, was applauded by the public and welcomed by Greenrock. The environmental watchdog...

The Detox Project

Anresco Laboratories Reveal Details of Glyphosate Testing in Food


Following the release last week of a report by Food Democracy Now! and The Detox Project on alarming levels of glyphosate contamination found in popular American foods, Anresco Laboratories (San Francisco) has released a statement on the testing methods it is using for what it calls the ”new era of glyphosate testing in food”. Source: Anresco...

GMO Judy Carman

‘Supporter of GM Crops’ Snooke Forced to Apologize over Dr. Judy Carman Defamation


On 5 June 2015, the Western Grain Growers (WGG) of the Pastoralists and Graziers Association (PGA) of Western Australia published an edition of their regular Bulletin.  On the front page, they said that I had “…been dismissed from two Australian […] The post ‘Supporter of GM Crops’ Snooke Forced to Apologize over Dr. Judy Carman Defamation appeared first on GMO Judy Carman. ...