High Glyphosate Levels in Mothers Leads to Shorter Pregnancies and Smaller Babies – New Ongoing Study

by Sustainable Pulse - 5 April 2017

Children’s Environmental Health Network (CEHN) announced Tuesday new evidence highlighting growing concern over sharply rising herbicide use and risks to pregnant women and children living in the rural Midwest. One ongoing study of pregnant women in an Indiana obstetric practice has found glyphosate (aka...

Sustainable Food

Crushing Blow to Soy Processors as Chinese Grow Wary on GMO

soya china

A Chinese consumer backlash against genetically modified (GMO) crops is beginning to dent demand for soy oil, the nation’s main cooking oil, and could spell crisis for the multi-billion-dollar crushing industry, which depends on GMO soybeans from the United States and elsewhere. Source: uk.reuters.com/article/us-china-soybean-oil-demand-idUKKBN17U0SB By Dominique Patton | BEIJING Soyoil...

Sustainable Agriculture

Michigan State University Research: Evidence of Glyphosate Link to Monarch Butterfly Decline


Every winter, trees on high mountains in a small area northwest of Mexico City turn orange. Close inspection reveals branches filled with brilliantly colorful monarch butterflies, rather than fiery leaves, as the eastern North American population of monarchs winters there. Source: research.msu.edu Their numbers, however, are shrinking. New research at Michigan State University, published in the...