Eat The Bear Protein Powers into Non-GMO Market

Posted on Jun 14 2015 - 9:10pm by Sustainable Pulse

ETB North America, LLC , one of the fastest growing sports nutrition companies in the United States and the makers of Eat The Bear protein, announced today that it has reformulated its flagship whey protein isolate using non-GMO isolate creating the pre-eminent pure whey protein on the market.

As a leading provider of premium protein products in the sports nutrition category, ETB’s brands align with consumers’ focus on clean and lean sports nutrition while further diversifying its portfolio and broadening the appeal to younger consumers. The reformulation to include non-GMO whey protein isolate, in addition to the company’s burgeoning product portfolio, enhances the resources and capabilities for ETB to further develop as an industry leader in innovation, consumer experience and retailer and distribution relationships.

ETB, founded in 2011 and operating from its headquarters in Charlotte, N.C., has remained a privately owned and operated business from its inception.  The company produces a complete line of sports nutrition products, including powders, capsules, and will soon be pioneering liquids and bars under the Eat The Bear brand.  The owner and closely guarded team remain committed to the company’s growth and continue to be involved in all aspects of the day-to-day operations despite the incredible growth in under five years.

“We are excited for the future of the company and are fully confident that aligning our team’s knowledge and experience in the sports nutrition world on balance with an increasingly astute and demanding consumer will help the company establish an even stronger portfolio of brands and products,” said ETB Chief Operating Officer Drew Gehringer.  “Over the last 5 years we’ve developed one of the most genuine product portfolios in the industry to offer consumers a clean and lean alternative in the category.  This next step in the company’s growth story will enable ETB to continue its leadership role in the industry and be a part of a growing company along with strategic partners for greater resources.  The ETB family is extremely proud of where the company sits today and grateful to the passionate people who support our Eat The Bear lifestyle predicated on overcoming obstacles and pushing through life’s challenges.”

“We view this new opportunity to meet our customers’ requirements and as a tremendous way to expand the ETB brand presence on the domestic, and forthcoming global scale aligning the company with our partners, team members and consumers,” said Vice President of Sales, Casey Cittadino who recently joined the company. ETB is confident in the direction of the brands and looks forward to sharing the brand’s experiences with consumers around the country and eventually around the world.”  Although no deal has been reached there are ongoing dialogues with investors to enhance the firm’s growth story.

About ETB North America, LLC
ETB North America, LLC, is one of the fastest growing sports nutrition companies in the United States and provides consumers with a clean and lean alternative to help health and wellness, active lifestyle, and diet enthusiasts achieve pure performance.  The company was founded in 2011, and operates at its headquarters in Charlotte, NC. The ETB team is dedicated to working with customers, athletes, trainers and nutritional experts to pioneer sports nutrition.  ETB helps customers of all ages and fitness levels and was named as a finalist in the Men’s Health Top 10 list for the flagship pure whey isolate protein within only the first three years of operations.

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