Scientists Under Attack: Watch the Trailer Here

Posted on Aug 20 2013 - 12:57pm by Sustainable Pulse

Scientists Under Attack is a 60 minute, award winning film about GMOs and the need for the independence of science.

Nearly 95% of genetic engineering research is paid for and controlled by international corporations such as Monsanto.

This film exposes how these globalist companies manipulate scientific research to hide the dangers of genetically altered plants and animals.

Learn the fate of two distinguished scientists who uncovered disturbing facts about GMOs and subsequently found their careers in ruins. They were ostracized by their colleagues, punished through character assassination and lost their funding. Their stories not only illustrate the danger of corporate control of scientific research, but also the serious risks of the new generation of gene-spliced food and crops.

The DVD also includes a 30 minute bonus film. Monster Salmon documents how one private company, now supported by the US FDA, wants their patented, genetically engineered, super-sized salmon in the food supply. However, critics warn of dire consequences to our health and the decimation of the natural fish populations.

Together these films provide a look at the interconnected relationships between scientific research, corporations and the government agencies that are suppose to be regulating them. Without independent research how can citizens trust science and be confident that our food supply and bio-diversity is safe.

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