Chinese Citizens Protest against ChemChina’s $ 43 Billion Acquisition of Syngenta

Posted on Apr 8 2016 - 6:07pm by Sustainable Pulse

A large group of Chinese experts and citizens have joined together to sign a protest letter against ChemChina’s acquisition of the Swiss pesticide giant Syngenta.

The protest letter is based on the serious health concerns many Chinese citizens have over GMO crops and pesticides. The letter can be found in full below and was even signed by China’s former Chemical Industry Minister Qin Zhongda:

Protest Inquiry Letter to

State Council State-Owned Assets Supervision & Administration Commission Regarding ChinaChem Massive Funds Acquisition of GM/ Toxin Company Syngenta

(Submitted Date: 2016-03-31)

Respectful leading officials of State Council State-Owned Assets Supervision & Administration Commission,

In Feb. 2016 ChinaChem Group announced that they will acquire Syngenta for U.S. Dollars 43 billion (about RMB300 billion). Media reports disclose evil backstage manipulator promoting this acquisition: The Blackwater Group, and JP Morgan – Chase involved in arranging U.S. Dollar 50 billion loans financing.

Syngenta, previously headquartered in Switzerland, is the third largest GM seed company of the world and is notorious in the introduction of the first generation GM crops. Syngenta is active in developing the next generation of GM crops, such as GM soybeans SYHT0H2, RR2 Yield-SCN, GM maize Agrisure VipteraG(MIR162)and Golden Rice. They might cause even greater risks, and will cause widespread and uncontrollable contamination to Chinese staple crops, and cause serious harm to the health of Chinese consumers, to food safety and to the livelihood of Chinese farmers.

Syngenta is also the developer and main producer of Atrazine (called You Qu Jin in China), Paraquat (Gramoxone), Dicamba and other high-risk pesticides.

The herbicide Atrazine (You Qu Jin) is an Endocrine Disruptor. It can harm the reproduction system, increase risk of cancer, and cause great harm to human health and the ecological system. It thus was banned by the EU in 2005. Deceived and misled by Syngenta’s propaganda for years, China at present has over 600 herbicide products containing You Qu Jin (Atrazine) “pesticide registered” in China, widespread without control!

Paraquat is another highly dangerous pesticide sold worldwide by Syngenta under name Gramoxone; Because of its cumulative harm, including eye injury, skin calcination and stimulation, even death, etc., 36 countries have already banned Paraquat.

On April 24, 2012, A No.1745 Announcement was jointly announced by the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Industry & Information, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China: “Stop approving newly added Paraquat production, formulation facilities”. Davor Pisk, chief operation officer of Syngenta expressed their opinion on the China’s Paraquat banning statement: “We do not consider that the policy of the Chinese government is appropriate”, and resisted in action: The Syngenta Nantong wholly-owned company in 2015 expanded their “4000 tons/year Paraquat production” to “10,000 tons/year Paraquat production”!

Syngenta in fact has descended into a “Banished”: The Swiss Federal Council on Dec. 18, 2015 decided to extend the ban on GM crops to 2012! EU and Switzerland in Oct. 2003 decided to stop using Atrazine herbicide, a main product of Syngenta! In May 2013, the EU announced a ban on three new neonicotinoid insecticides containing Thiamethoxam amine, imidacloprid, thiamethoxam oxazine (for comparison, many pesticides and seed coatings that Syngenta promotes in China contain thiamethoxam oxazine)! As Syngenta can’t maintain operations in Europe, it moved to the USA.

Syngenta is also one of the most vicious transnational corporations like Monsanto, with rogue corporate culture: it uses rogue means to persecute Prof. Tyrone Hayes hired by Syngenta to evaluate the safety of Atrazine; it persecutes the German farmer who revealed the harm that Syngenta’s GM maize Bt176 has caused to the health of his cows.

Almost all European countries and some other developed nations, as well as many developing countries, are driving GM seed companies out of their markets and establishing laws to tightly restrict or ban cultivation of GM crops. Even the USA is quietly moving away from GM agriculture. Facing growing resistance by people around the world, corporations such as Monsanto, Syngenta, Dupont and other GM/agrochemical companies try desperately to reverse their decline and recover their massive investment falling into the garbage bin.

Under such a situation, Syngenta colludes with Monsanto, and the Blackwater, JP Morgan Chase, manipulator behind the screen, together with traitors in China, creates this transnational merge and acquisitions behind multiple layers of black curtains, with Monsanto’s false bidding (in fact helping Syngenta to increase their price) and JP Morgan Chase claimed U.S. dollars 50 billion “financing”, intend to sell this worthless Syngenta at a skyrocketing price of 43 billion to ChinaChem. However, this does not only involve money.

ChinaChem is exclusive distributor of Monsanto’s Roundup — a glyphosate herbicide, classified by WHO IARC as “probable carcinogen to humans” — in China (including Taiwan), India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Philippine, Thailand, Bangladesh, Australia and New Zealand. ChinaChem has direct legal responsibility for poisoning humans and the environment in these regions!

ChinaChem’s merge – acquisition of Syngenta, predictably, will sink China’s agriculture deeper into the GM-agrochem garbage trap! It will forever nourish Monsanto and Syngenta with the Chinese people’s hard-earned money and enable Monsanto and Syngenta to continually poison all of mankind with these huge GM tumors!

The practice of the past 20 years has proved GM agriculture bound together with agrochemicals has brought innumerable harm to human health and ecological safety. ChinaChem’s acquisition of Syngenta, the wide-spread promotion of GM — agrochemical agriculture and sales of GM food will completely destroy China’s agriculture and food security, and thoroughly destroy our nation and people!

Therefore, the Chinese people and people worldwide are strongly opposed to this transnational acquisition! ChinaChem must immediately stop this suicidal acquisition that will cause a genociding disaster to the Chinese nation!

The People’s Republic of China Constitution Clause 21 stipulates: “The state develops medical and health undertakings and… encourages and supports various types of health care facilities organized by the rural collective economic organizations, state enterprises, organizations and streets organizations, to carry out mass health activities, to protect people’s health”;

Clause 36 stipulates: “nobody is allowed to …… damage citizens’ physical health”;

Clause 54 stipulates: “Citizens of the People’s Republic of China have the obligation to safeguard the security, honor and interests of the motherland, must not in any way endanger the security, honor and interests of the motherland.”

The main responsibilities announced by the State Council State-owned Assets Supervision & Administration Commission: “(3) Guidance to promote state-owned enterprise reform and restructuring, to promote the construction of modern enterprise system of the state-owned enterprises, perfect the corporate governance structure, promoting the strategic adjustment of state-owned economic layout and structure.”

According to the spirit stipulated by the constitution, the State Council State-owned Assets Supervision & Administration Commission (Commision) and each of its officials, when they examine ChinaChem’s U.S. Dollar 43 billion acquisition – merging with Syngenta, it must assure that this acquisition — the most massive value acquisition on China’s state-owned history — “Protects the safety of the motherland”, places “protect people’s health” at priority position, and absolutely does not make decisions forming the constitution of crimes that “endanger the safety of the motherland”, “damage citizen’s physical health” which will surely cause all the people of the Chinese to vehemently oppose!

In order to help the Commission make the correct decision, we put forward the following requests:

(1) The ChinaChem Group in 2006 became the exclusive distributor of glyphosate herbicide Roundup and other Monsanto agrochemicals, has unshirkable responsibility to all the harm caused by extending Roundup’s Pesticide Registration in China to 2018. We therefore request the Commission to instruct China chemical group to release all the toxicology animal test reports, i.e. the basis for extending the Pesticide Registration of glyphosate herbicide, enabling us to recognize the truth of how Monsanto deceived the Chinese government and Chinese people!

(2) Syngenta is the culprit causing the flooding of Atrazine (You Qu Jin), Paraquat and Dicamba in China “endangering the safety of the motherland”, “damaging citizens’ physical health”. We herewith request the Commission to instruct Syngenta to release all the toxicology animal test reports and other safety evaluation documents for the basis of Atrazine (You Qu Jin), Paraquat and Dicamba Pesticide Registration in China, enabling us to recognize the truth of how Syngenta deceived the Chinese government and Chinese people!

(3) Request the Commission to organize an open, transparent and fair hearing on the case of which ChinaChem intends to acquire – merge Syngenta at U.S. Dollars 43 billion (about RMB300 billion), invite people’s congress representatives, committee members of CPPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference), representatives of the democratic parties and consumers, question the ChinaChem Group Board of Directors and the Commission on the case of ChinaChem’s acquisition – merge with Syngenta and criminal evidence how Syngenta deceived the Chinese government and Chinese people!

(4) We herewith strongly request the officials of the Commission, to resolutely put a stop to the disastrous evil multinational acquisition! If we can’t stop this disastrous evil multinational acquisition – merge today, the whole Chinese nation and even global mankind will be disastrously harmed! The Chinese people and global mankind should not be sacrificed for Syngenta!

(5) If the Commission refuses our above four requests, we request a provision of a detailed explanation in response to us.


Question Inquiry Person:

Qin Zhong-da (92 years old, former Minister of Ministry of Chemical Industry),

Chen I-wan, Zhang De-qin, Gu Xiu-lin, Yang Xiao-lu, Luo Qi-yun, He Cheng-gao, Lv Yong-nian, Zhao Hua and over 400 individuals.

Contact person: Yang Xiao-lu.

March 26, 2016


Complete list of joint supporters in Chinese:

秦仲达(92岁,前化工部部长)、陈一文、张勤德、顾秀林、杨晓陆、罗其云、何承高、吕永岩、赵华、徐飞、巩献田、默明哲、李香珍、田香萍、刘立文、孙燕英、周靖东、陈武阳、刘芳、杨进志、马婷娜、肖向阳、朱景国、陈彦东、钟全英、戴小舟、余景兵、杨昌显、陈磊、曾令政、陈东宁、曹志安、刘现华、张立昆、王辉安、欧阳巧梅、陈福乐、杨东辉、赵荣来、邱允浩、张金宝、刘镇宝、萧世宽、廖章鼎、余兴、刘锦意、王勇、潘任远、李南、王鑫、杨松、李文、赵志涛、张凤苹、杜继红、徐红日、王新华、钟方婷、彭向发、傅传国、林茜、李松华、叶水涛、许志坚、杨丽、尹丽霞、何秀梅、刘朝晖、曹景官、魏本志、桂英、谢靖、姜华、张定坤、松涛、唐乐腾、张为民、潘奕达、丁肇峰、彭科华、苏群、战锤、正浩、吕志刚、张明、胡子瑜、胡津瑜、刘云辉、鄢浪云、邓绍伟、冯明喜、吴思仪、孙华、李长宽、张桂平、黄莉、梅钱旺、肖正秀、丁肇峰、徐小东、张西平、刘富贤、齐柳叶、田军保、梁文、梁清龙、聂虹、李高明、李润、李赢才、杨率、张定光、詹瀚、匡鹏程、王月霞、朝露、王明红、李树泉、赵鑫原、陈明、王茹、桂学峰、张琳娜、李裕来、李尚华、温永瑞、郎玉山、李全雪、陈华岳、王金涛、沈美丽、曹文质、杨昌河、陈晶、邱贻国、赵俊文、付欣雨、曹幸仁、尚凯、张超、张小林、李晶、邹丽萍、吕中、刘彩霞、任勇、鲍锋、梁美娟、李嘉雯、张化伟、尹帅军、孙又根、辛桂华、滕夫生、刁淑珍、李晨光、黄调泉、王海平、朱文琳、王晓红、李顺、马古林、黄泽元、秦珏、王建英、王德义、黎光寿、朱明、顾晓东、张二林、赵崑、董泽秀、王宏亮、沙维林、马为民、郭润祥、李晓辉、陈鸿、董建、高宽、骆玉涛、刘珊、高亚彬、邱红、钟方妤、李依临、王连朝、蒋学超、李月、董明、万山红、杨远祥、李小东、丁兰珍、王梦连、刘家全、石青华、冷颜、刘守康、王兆宏、马俊祥、康秀峰、肖琼、孔石红、许志坚、王永波、唐京波、赵德通、李中华、任娜、王志兵、薛红、徐惠萍、赵勇、万联平、张丹燕、王森、姚久民、邓荣伟、张光平、史鹏、王永涛、申明霞、薛晓东、邹长江、李志明、马月玲、冯军、李宏才、高玉娥、赵淑霞、王丽萍、张平、史思、王彦辉、陈航、何川、王美丽、薛晓方、王红莲、金顺爱、高雷红、宋小萍、 孙萌、陈巧兰、黄兰兰、王升营、李新、葛旭红、王薇、于秋会、唐煜森、伊璇、王芳、郭慧平、刘雪冰、徐凯军、王革、梁伟、韩雪、刘黎平、任旋、徐军、张喜悦、夏嫜娇、徐静、何青、赵力波、王春红、刘雨、宋晓明、张郡、刘慧、魏英杰、梁萌盟、王代可、张倩、李玉梅、王彦昆、沙乐平、韩昭云、周伟丽、刘莹、张菲、刘洋、于洪涛、谭文秀、赵玉海、桑丽珠、魏西海、赵小龙、李亚斌、吴金泽、孟天华、赵海平、王立征、周美彤、蔡燕、杨红、初晴、向朝霞、丁其兵、王红转、李田、冯思琪、王大力、周玉秋、陆晓红、徐秀花、罗晓、谢伟、王静、常红、周建伟、闵苏尔、陈津、张京梅、宋美娟、王大权、胡小燕、金桂金、张利华、薛羽、桑宏阳、马小封、杜秋玲、王巨潮、李改珍、徐绍峰、邹雷英、王占朝、黄英、常方、石连贵、徐晖、徐丽、王传宾、陈建忠、何青、王为民、孙素芳、王宁、刘黎红、李毅明、王玉红、葛晓青、杨晓晋、梁金梅、吴卫平、张梦飞、王吉娜、王福习、周立蓉、吉范梁、李尚润、王军霞、裘渊、王红云、周启公、王延吾、赵利群、李作华、朱守英、王伟娜、张建国、王继华、田小辉、金玉、王维娜、盛德平、王立涛、孙晋海、马京训、谷粒勇、王红梅、韩振刚、李振、王风连、董慧超、冯志民、王梦朝、韩振京、刘宝柱、王立营、韩瑞强、王换季、盛晓霞、孟曙光、李丽、王升根、盛文龙、王格格、罗珍、王云、孟成、黄兰珍、王传周、曾琴、孙梦圆、张晓平、王劲松、胡乃国、王锦洲、韩闵影、马海英、胡昭迎、王洪川、史青华、王大国、马双青、王娜娜、马海平、王登攀、董云婷、王贵忠、梁伟、卢燕、盛晓东、王小琴、张建、吴盟、王帅、马林、韩素敏、王忠友、马桂堂、王帅奇、王玉和、胡乃镇、温宝平、崔娟、王彦军、尹传霞、王彦坡、王云霞、韩振花、郭炳菊、王玉海、郭丽丽、韩素荣、冯现民、谷城山、耿慧杰、王信、韩西花、张桂英、王艳华、刘利刚、韩永强、谷晓磊、侯平军、顾增军、董云鹏、王志军、韩焕超、李继正、王宏凯、刘丽萍、李婴、冯仕凯

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